Narrowal NGOs

List of NGOs working in Narrowal

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Name and Website Active Since Postal Address Work Overview / Comments
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  Community Development And Anti TB Programme SKG (CDATP)


Village Tehera Gujran. Tehsil Shahrargarh,

NRDP- Narowal Rural Development Programme

(No website)

  Mirza Moqeem Baig, Chowk Jassar Bypass, Circular Road, Narowal
Helping low income communities or Narowal district to improve their standard of living.

Help & Development Organization (HDO)     

(No website)                

  Upper Floor Omar Market, Behind
Jamia Masjad Noor,Chammal Road S


  Narowal Rural Development Program - (NRDP)   Merain Shah Hussain, Near Shealer Aman-Ullah, Circular Road, Narowal ,xxx Narowal-51761
Tel: 04343 - 413085
Fax: 04343 - 413085

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